Our handbook comprises all relevant FIBA, Basketball England, and BasketballSUSSEX rules, regulations, polices, procedures, and guidance information as may be published from time to time. The hierarchy of these documents will be used by the BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee as and when needed for the day to day operation of our competitions, leagues, events, and organisational operations.

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Basketball England




Competition Rules & Regulations 2022/23 DRAFT

1. Organisation
2. Membership
3. Surety Fee (Goodwill Deposit)
4. Player Registrations and Eligibility
5. Playing Uniforms
6. Transfers
7. Competitions
8. Fixtures, Rearrangements, and Forfeits
9. Financial Claims or Disputes
10. Venues
11. Referees
12. Table Officials
13. Scoresheets
14. Disciplinary and Disqualifications
15. Withdrawals and Team Expulsions
16. Fines and Appeals
17. Specified Fines, Fees, and Expenses
18. Additional Rules for Junior Competitions
APPENDIX A. COVID-19 Rule Variations - Pandemic Policy


For the avoidance of doubt, the word ‘competitions’ refer to all Senior and Junior competitive League, Cup, or central venue (CVL) games organised by BasketballSUSSEX (BSX).

1. Organisation

(1.1) The control of all BasketballSUSSEX affairs shall be vested in the Management Committee, whose rules and regulations, additional to the Constitution, shall apply to all competitions organised by BasketballSUSSEX and will be for clubs, members of clubs, and individuals affiliated to BasketballSUSSEX and registered in accordance with Basketball England (BE) and BasketballSUSSEX Rules and Regulations.

(1.2) The day-to-day control of BasketballSUSSEX competitions shall be performed by the League Administrator and/or their Deputy(s), on behalf of the Management Committee.

(1.3) All BasketballSUSSEX competitions shall be governed by the relevant FIBA, Basketball England, BasketballSUSSEX rules, interpretations, regulations, and points of emphasis, policies and procedures.

(1.4) All clubs must send an official representative to the BasketballSUSSEX Annual General Meeting (AGM), or any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), or Club Meeting. Failure to comply incurs the specified fine (see rule 17.8).

(1.5) A copy of the BasketballSUSSEX Competition Rules and Regulations will be circulated to all clubs prior to the commencement of the season. The Management Committee shall have the power to make any alterations, additions or deletions to the Rules and Regulations at any time, as it deems necessary.

(1.6) In the event of any questions or matters arising, which are not provided for in the rules and regulations, the Management Committee shall have the power to decide on such questions or matters, as it considers appropriate, or may deem to be covered by the relevant Basketball England rules for the current season.

2. Membership.

(2.1) Application for entry to BasketballSUSSEX competitions shall be submitted to the relevant officer(s) by a designated date, specified at the AGM, on the duly completed official application form(s). Clubs will be invoiced their entry fee(s) and any outstanding fines in September.

(2.2) Late applications, up to 14 days after the closing date, will be accepted but will incur a Late Entry Fee fine (see rule 17.8).

(2.3) After that date, applications will only be accepted, together with the late entry fee, if a team drops out of the division for which they have applied. Any club with outstanding fines, fees, deficient Surety Fees, or other unpaid monies from the preceding season will not be accepted for entry.

(2.4) Any subsequent alterations or additions to information supplied on the official application for competition entry must be notified immediately in writing to the relevant competition administrator. Failure to comply incurs a specified fine, and any expenses incurred by other clubs or officials arising from a lack of the appropriate notification.

(2.5) Membership of the League shall be deemed to run from 1 September to 31 August of the following year.

(2.6) In order to participate in any of the BasketballSUSSEX competitions, a Club must be affiliated to Basketball England. Further information is available on our Registrations page.

(2.7) Each Club participating in BasketballSUSSEX competitions shall promote, present and develop the Sport to the best of its ability, and at a level of competence and suitability to the satisfaction of the BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee.

(2.8) All team names are subject to final approval by BasketballSUSSEX. All team names should include a geographical location (ie the city or town where the team/venue is based). A nickname can also be included. Any sponsor names are also subject to approval by BasketballSUSSEX. Only the approved geographical location and nickname will be used in official schedules, but this will not prevent the usage of sponsor names in game publicity etc.

(2.9) All member clubs are required to keep on record with BasketballSUSSEX the following contacts:

  • Chair (Head Coach)
  • Treasurer (Finance Officer)
  • Secretary (Administrator)
  • Safeguarding (Welfare Officer)

Failure to provide club contacts by the league start date (see rule 7.1) will incur the specified fine (see rule 17.8).

(2.10) All member clubs of BasketballSUSSEX are required to provide us with a signed copy of the Basketball England Duty of Care form, as adopted by BasketballSUSSEX... download here (.docx). Clubs failing to provide a completed form by the league start date (see rule 7.1) will incur the Late Entry Fee fine (see rule 17.8). 

3. Surety Fee (Goodwill Deposit)

(3.1) All clubs entering BasketballSUSSEX competitions are required to have on deposit with the organisation a specified sum as a Surety Fee (see rule 17.4). This deposit will be held by BasketballSUSSEX in escrow. Any unpaid fines will be deducted from it; the balance remaining at the end of the season may be returned to the club on request in writing, or carried forward to the following season at the club’s discretion. If a club does not re-enter, the nominated representative shall request in writing, before 1 September, a return of the Surety Fee. Failure to do so will deem the amount donated to BasketballSUSSEX.

(3.2) The Management Committee shall have the power to increase the amount required as a Surety Fee from a club, if they feel that the behaviour of the club warrants such action.

(3.3) All clubs are required to pay with their league entry fee such monies as are required to maintain their appropriate Surety Fee with BasketballSUSSEX (see rule 2.3).

4. Player Registration and Eligibility

(4.1) All players and coaches must be registered with Basketball England and have a valid licence for the current season, issued by Basketball England, before they can appear in any game or competition under the jurisdiction of BasketballSUSSEX. A valid licence must be presented before the start of every game, this can be a print out of the team licences or presented electronically. Any player or coach without a valid licence will not be allowed to play. Any club discovered fielding an unregistered Coach or Player or attempting to misuse the registration system will incur the specified fine and may forfeit the match and league points for each offence; the individual concerned also being liable for suspension.

(4.1.1) Coaches & Players registered to National Basketball League (NBL) teams will be charged an additional fee to compete in BasketballSUSSEX competitions (see rule 17.7.2). These additional fees will be invoiced to Clubs after in February, with payment due by league end date (see rule 7.1). Payment of these fees is considered to be part of your BasketballSUSSEX club membership; failure to pay these fees by the due date will incur the Late Entry Fee fine (see rule 17.8).

(4.2) Each individual player may only play for one club in competitions organised by BasketballSUSSEX. The only exceptions being:

(4.2.1) An authorised transfer (see rule 6).

(4.2.2) A junior player may play for a senior team of another club if their junior club does not have a team entered in the senior division (see rule 4.8.3).

(4.2.3) A junior player can play for one other club at an older age group, if the parent club does not have a team playing in that older age group division. The parent club is responsible for registering the player with Basketball England. In the event of a fixture clash the parent club will always have first choice of that player.

(4.3) A player may only register and play for a maximum of 2 teams (see rule 6).

(4.4) The following criteria will also apply:

(4.4.1) If a club only has 1 team in a division, all registered players shall play for that team.

(4.4.2) If a club has more than 1 team playing in the same division it must identify all players playing in each team. These nominated players may not then play for the other team(s). No player can play for more than 1 team in the same cup competition. If a player plays more than 3 games for a higher team then they can no longer play for the lower team.

(4.4.3) For the purposes of all rules concerning registered players eligibility to play for teams, Womens Divisions are considered not to be part of the Mens Competitions and the above rulings do not apply for Women playing in Mens teams. However, once the female players name appears on a scoresheet, she is deemed, for the purposes of Mens Leagues to be part of that team, and may not play for a lower Mens team.

(4.4.4) Eligibility for Cup and Playoff Finals or Semi-finals will be restricted to players who have made a minimum of three appearances for their team in League or Cup competitions during the current season. The Management Committee may exceptionally grant dispensation for a player to appear, but the bona fide club membership of the player will be paramount.

(4.5) All new player registrations must be approved by the Management Committee after 31 January (see rule 6, transfers).

(4.6) Date of birth/age qualification for eligible age group competitions (does not prevent “playing up”, see rule 4.6.1), born between:

  • U18 01/09/2003 to 31/08/2007
  • U16 01/09/2005 to 31/08/2009
  • U14 01/09/2007 to 31/08/2011
  • U13 01/09/2008 to 31/08/2012
  • U12 01/09/2009 to 31/08/2012
  • U11 01/09/2010 to 31/08/2013

(4.6.1) In order to protect children and consider their welfare BasketballSUSSEX apply the same age restrictions as Basketball England:

  • Senior Men & Women | a player who has attained their 15th Birthday
  • U18 | minimum age permitted is for the player to be attaining their 15th birthday from the 1st September, this permits all players in School Year 10
  • U16 | minimum age permitted is for the player to be attaining their 13th birthday from the 1st September, this permits all players in School Year 8
  • U14 | minimum age permitted is for the player to be attaining their 11th birthday from the 1st September, this permits all players in School Year 6
  • U12 | minimum age permitted is for the player to be attaining their 10th birthday from the 1st September, this permits all players in School Year 5

5. Playing Uniforms

(5.1) Team uniforms must comply with Basketball England uniform regulations.
(5.2) In the event of a colour clash the Home team will change uniform.
(5.3) With the exception of female players, no T-shirts may be worn under playing uniform, unless requested and supported on medical grounds. T-shirts must be of the same dominant colour as the shirt or side trim colour and must not clash with the opposing team's dominant shirt colour.

6. Transfers

(6.1) Transfers may take place at the discretion of the Management Committee, but such transfers shall only apply to competitions under the jurisdiction of BasketballSUSSEX. A club or team wishing to arrange the transfer of a player from another club or team must apply to the Registrations Officer, enclosing:

  • The consent of the player's present club or team and;
  • the specified transfer fee must be paid to BasketballSUSSEX on approval by the Management Committee (see rule 17.7.2).

The Management Committee will consider each application on its merits and a player's transfer will not be deemed effective until written confirmation has been received from the Registrations Officer. Should the player's present club or team object to the transfer, for any valid reason, the transfer request will not be granted.

(6.2) No player may transfer more than once during a given season.

(6.3) A transferred player may not represent the new club or team in any Play-off or Finals game in the same season (see rule 6.4 & 6.5).

(6.4) A player who has been transferred may not represent his or her previous club or team in any further BasketballSUSSEX competitions that season.

(6.5) If a transferred player has represented his or her previous club or team in a Cup competition he or she is cup-tied and may not represent the new club or team in that Cup competition in the same season.

7. Competitions

(7.1) Competitions schedule (amended):

  • League entry start - 1 August
  • League entry deadline - midnight, Sunday 12 September
  • Fixtures published - late September
  • League start - early October
  • League end - date to be confirmed early March (expected to be midnight 1 May 2022)
  • Entry & Surety Fees, and Fines invoiced to clubs - 1 October
  • Invoice paid by clubs - by 31 October
  • Finals - dates to be confirmed early March 2021 (expected to be 21/22 May 2022).

(7.2) Each competition will consist of such leagues, divisions, age groups events, and cup competitions as deemed appropriate by the Management Committee.

(7.3) Whenever possible, teams should play league matches on a home and away basis. 3 points shall be awarded to the winners of each league game and 1 point to the losers. In the case of forfeit, no points will be awarded to the offending team(s).

(7.4) In the event of 2 or more clubs having the same total of league points, their respective final league placing shall be determined in accordance with current Basketball England rules for resolving ties... NBL Regulation 2019-20 | 12. Equality of Points

(7.5) Teams are responsible for keeping matches and results updated on League Republic. Failure to update matches may incur the specified fine (see rule 17.8). BasketballSUSSEX will provide each club with a unique username and password to enable access the League Republic system for this purpose.

(7.6) All trophies remain the property of BasketballSUSSEX at all times and the club or team is responsible for its safekeeping whilst it is in their possession. In the event of loss or damage, the club or team will be liable for the full cost of replacement or repair.

(7.7) All Coaches, including assistant coaches, must hold at least the Basketball England Level 2 Coach Award (NBL reg 17.4).

8. Fixtures, Rearrangements, and Forfeits

(8.1) All teams shall follow the fixture list as published. If a team fails to fulfil a fixture, unless the Management Committee consider there were mitigating circumstances, it will forfeit the match and receive 0 (zero) league points for that game. Examples of mitigating circumstances include:

  • Loss of venue (school sports hall not available at short notice)
  • Bad weather (snow, floods, high winds making travel unsafe)
  • Travel problems (road traffic accident, public transport restrictions)
  • Only 1 Referee (Crew Chief) available to referee (see rule 8.1.1).
  • 'supervising' Crew Chief for Under 14 games and below (see rule 11.6 & 8.1.2).

(8.1.1) The deadline for postponing a game because of only 1 Referee (Crew Chief) being available is 24 hours (1 day) prior to the scheduled tip time (see rule 8.3). Please also refer to What to do if one Referee (.pdf)

(8.1.2) The deadline for postponing a game because there will be a 'supervising' Crew Chief referee is 24 hours (1 day) prior to the scheduled tip time (see rule 11.6 & 8.3).

(8.2) Deadline dates for League and Cup matches will be those specified on the official fixture list for the season (see rule 2.3).

(8.3) If a team cancels with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice it will forfeit the match and be liable for all expenses and the specified fine (see rule 8.1.1).

(8.4) A team wishing to re-arrange a game must give their opponents and the League Administrator at least 8 days (1 week) notice in writing. If the rearrangement is mutually acceptable to both teams, BasketballSUSSEX will accept the change. It is the responsibility of the Home team to inform the Referees and Table Officials; to notify them of the re-arranged date once agreed, and should they not be available on the new date, to find new officials. If the mutually agreed postponed game cannot be rescheduled before the league end date, then the team originally requesting the postponement will forfeit the game and receive 0 (zero) league points.

(8.5) Any fixture(s) not played by the competition end date will be deemed forfeit by both teams, unless the game has been claimed by either team prior to the competition end date. Both teams will receive 0 (zero) league points and the specified forfeit fine (see rule 17.8).

(8.6) Match results must be entered onto the BasketballSUSSEX (League Republic) website within 7 days (1 week)) of completion of the match. Failure to provide the result may incur the specified fine (see rule 17.8).

(8.7) Scoresheets must be emailed to BasketballSUSSEX (scoresheets@basketballsussex.co.uk) within 7 days (1 week) of completion of the match. Both sides of the scoresheet must be sent if there are comments on the back. Failure to provide a clear, easily readable, in colour, scan or photo of the scoresheet may incur the specified fine.

(8.8) In the event of any query, not covered within the rules, the Management Committee shall make a decision that will be adhered to by all parties.

9. Financial Claims or Disputes

(9.1) Clubs, Teams, or Officials incurring expenses as a result of an infringement of the rules by another Club or Team, must claim those expenses from the offending Club or Team. These claims should be settled directly but if a claim is disputed or not settled within 28 days the offended Club, Team, or Official shall have the right to request the League Administrator adjudicate the matter as deemed necessary. The League Administrator, or their Deputy, shall rule on the matter and have the power to impose a specified fine or other penalty on the offending Club or Team if it feels that the offending Club or Team has not met its responsibilities under these rules.

(9.2) Any decision of the League Administrator may be appealed upon payment of the specified appeal fee and by following the relevant appeal process.

10. Venues

(10.1) The Management Committee reserves the right to inspect courts and facilities to determine their suitability for all matches played under its jurisdiction. Clubs found to be using unapproved venues or unsafe courts may be subject to disciplinary action.

(10.2) Approved courts can be found on our Venues page. Clubs wishing to use a new venue should complete this online form... https://forms.office.com/r/xeKfibREdP

(10.3) Away teams or Officials having to pay an entrance or car parking fee (except parking fines) to attend a game shall have those fees refunded by the Home team prior to start of the game.

(10.4) Home teams shall provide a minimum of 2 hours court availability time. This is to provide an actual warm up time of 10 minutes (minimum), half-time of 5 minutes (minimum), and a period of overtime should it be required.

(10.5) Court size, ring height, ball size (see rule 10.1):

  • Men, U18, U16 games - size 7 ball, full height rings, full size court
  • Women, U14, U13 games - size 6 ball, full height rings, full size court
  • U12, U11 games - size 5 ball, full height rings, full size court.

11. Referees

(11.1) Each match shall be under the control of registered and licenced officials who are ideally not associated with either team.

(11.2) For Senior League games, Referee appointments will be prepared and allocated by the Management Committee (Referees Technical Officer or their Deputy). This is still to be confirmed for 2020/21 and is subject to sufficient referees willing to be appointed.

(11.3) For all games where BasketballSUSSEX has not, or is unable to, appoint Referees, the Home team shall appoint registered and licensed Referees who are ideally not associated with either team.

(11.4) The Management Committee will group referees according to their qualification, experience, and other factors that may be deemed necessary to consider.

(11.5) Every game must have an adult (18 or over) Level 2 (or above) Crew Chief who holds the correct license issued by Basketball England.

(11.6) For Under 14 competitions and below, the Crew Chief referee can be a 'supervising' Crew Chief who is not a floor official. The home team must notify the away team if this is planned, giving a minimum 24 hours (1 day) notice (see rule 8.1).

(11.7) If an appointed Referee is unable to fulfil a fixture it is their responsibility to find a suitable replacement.

(11.8) Should one or both Referees fail to appear for a fixture, any other available, qualified and licenced, official should take control. These alternative arrangements must be accepted by both team Coaches before the start of the game. Such officials will then assume control of the game and their decisions will be final. No Referee shall be expected to officiate on their own (what to do if only one referee (.pdf)).

(11.9) After each game the Crew Chief and Umpire(s) shall complete the appropriate sections of the scoresheet and report to BasketballSUSSEX any matter of importance... Make a Report

(11.10) Unless otherwise agreed, all Officials will be paid the specified fee and expenses by the Home team PRIOR to the start of the match (see rule 17.5 & 17.6). When necessary, Officials should not begin the game until they have been paid. Payment may be made in cash or electronically.

(11.11) A Referee officiating on their own is entitled to claim two times (double) their match fee. Only one set of travel expenses shall be claimed.

(11.12) For all games, if one participant is not licensed, or one person has an incorrect license (eg the Coach is not qualified Level 2 and licensed “C“) then EVERYONES insurance in invalid – Players, Coaches, Bench Personnel, Referees, and Table Officials. Referees must not allow a game to take place with any invalid licenses.

12. Table Officials

(12.1) Unless appointed by BasketballSUSSEX, the Home team shall be responsible for providing Table Officials. They must not be Coaches or Players involved in the match. Table Officials officiating in the BasketballSUSSEX leagues and competitions must be registered and enter their licence number (T) on the scoresheet. All Table Officials must hold at least the Basketball England Level 1 Table Official Award.

The Table, Scorer and Timekeeper, should be equipped with:

  • Table and Chairs capable of being used as required for Table Officials & Substitutions
  • Basketball England scoresheet and two different coloured ballpoint pens (black & red)
  • Scoreboard
  • Game clock
  • An audible device
  • 5 Player foul markers
  • 2 Team foul markers
  • Time-out timer
  • Alternating possession arrow – capable of being rotated 180 degrees.

(12.2) For all Senior, U18 and U16 games, a visible electronic scoreboard and game clock which can be read by players, officials and spectators throughout the course of the game must be provided. Failure to provide a visible scoreboard and game clock will result in a specified fine to the Home team. The provision of a visible 24 Second Shot Clock is desirable.

(12.3) Unless otherwise agreed, Officials will be paid the specified fee and expenses in cash by the Home team prior to the start of the match. When necessary, Officials should not begin the game until they have been paid.

(12.4) A Table Official officiating on their own is entitled to claim two times (double) their match fee match fee. Only one set of travel expenses shall be claimed.

13. Scoresheets

(13.1) The Home team is responsible for the full and proper completion of a current Basketball England scoresheet for all fixtures (see rules 11.8 & 12.1).

(13.2) If for any reason the fixture has not been fulfilled, the Home team must STILL send to the League Administrator written confirmation to arrive within seven days of the scheduled date of that fixture. This confirmation should be completed with regard to the fixture details, should bear a statement giving the reason for the non-playing, and should contain any claim or admission by the Home team that offending team should forfeit the fixture. Failure incurs a specified fine.

(13.3) Either team, or Official, may use the rear of the score sheet to record ANY comments on the fixture that they wish to bring to the attention of the League Administrator or Management Committee (for example, facility or equipment failings).

(13.4) Failure to email a clear and eligible copy of the game scoresheet within 7 days (1 week) will incur the specified fine (see rule 17.8). Scoresheets must be emailed to scoresheets@basketballsussex.co.uk

(13.5) In line with Basketball England, from the 2021/22 season onwards, only the Basketball England "running" scorebook shall be used. BasketballSUSSEX will no longer accept "traditional" scoresheets. Failure to use the correct scoresheet may incur the specified fine (see rule 17.8).

14. Disciplinary and Disqualifications

(14.1) A reported Club, Coach, Player, Referee, Table Official, or team follower will be subject to the Basketball England Disciplinary Code, as adopted or amended from time to time by BasketballSUSSEX.

(14.2) Referees must submit game reports following any Coach or Player disqualification, Technical or Unsportsmanlike Foul, or should there be any other important matter to report before, during, or after the game. Reports shall sent to the Disciplinary Officer within 72 hours (3 days) of the game... Make a Report

(14.4) Incidents reported will be reviewed and actioned accordingly by the BasketballSUSSEX Disciplinary Sub-committee (DSC). Decisions of the DSC will follow our Disciplinary Policy and may be appealed by following the appropriate appeals process.

15. Withdrawals and Team Expulsions

(15.1) In the event of a team withdrawing from its division before completing its fixtures, or being expelled from BasketballSUSSEX competitions, all results shall be expunged and the specified fine imposed. All outstanding fees, fines and justified expenses claims will become immediately payable. The registered players of any such team shall be deemed responsible for any outstanding monies, and the Management Committee shall have the right to suspend those players’ registrations until such time as the outstanding monies are paid.

(15.2) If necessary, unpaid fees and fines will be taken from a clubs Surety Fee (see rule 3).

16. Fines and Appeals

(16.1) Clubs or teams receiving fines will be notified in writing (email is acceptable). This notification will show the issuing League Officer, the amount of the fine, the offence to which it relates and a reply date, approximately 14 days hence.

(16.2) You must respond to the issuing officer by the reply date, EITHER by paying the fine, OR in writing, querying the decision, ONLY if you feel that an error has been made.

(16.3) In the case of a query the issuing officer will review the decision, either cancelling the fine or confirming it in writing, again with a reply date some 14 days hence.

(16.4) Again you must respond to the issuing officer by the reply date as per Rule 16.1.

(16.5) Any appeal must also be received by the issuing officer by the reply date shown, on either the notification of the offence, or, if relevant, on the confirmation of the fine invoice or letter to which the appeal relates. The appeal will not be considered until payment of the fine and the specified appeal fee (see rule 17.9) as been received by BasketballSUSSEX (see rule 17.8). Late appeals will NOT be considered by the Management Committee. Amicable discussion about fine queries is to be recommended, BUT remember to confirm in writing as written evidence will carry most weight at any appeal. Should the appeal be upheld, any monies paid may be returned, as the Management Committee deems appropriate. The Club, Team, or individual making the appeal shall have the right to be represented when the appeal is heard. Reasonable notice must be given to the party or parties concerned.

(16.6) The appeal process shall be:

  • Stage 1 - heard by the full BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee.
  • Stage 2 - heard by a panel set by the South East Regional Management Committee.
  • Stage 3 - heard by a panel set by Basketball England, or other process as specified by Basketball England.

17. Specified Fees, Fines, and Expenses

(17.1) Senior League application fee: £100.00 per team.

(17.2) Junior League application fee: £50.00 per team.

(17.3) Late entry fee: £20.00 per team.

(17.4) Surety Fees (Goodwill Deposits) per club - Senior: £60.00, Junior: £40.00, £100.00 both

(17.5) Referee fees (per official, per game) - plus £0.35 per mile travelling in own car, or 18p per mile for a company car, or 2nd class ordinary return rail fare:

  • Senior Men & Women league games: £20
  • Level 5: £16
  • Level 4: £15
  • Level 3: £14
  • Level 2: £13
  • Level 1: £10
  • Maximum claim per official is £30 for all junior games.

(17.6) Table Official fees (per official, per game) - plus £0.35 per mile travelling in own car, or 18p per mile for a company car, or 2nd class ordinary return rail fare:

  • Level 5: £12
  • Level 4: £10
  • Level 3: £8
  • Level 2: £7
  • Level 1: £5
  • Maximum claim per official is £20 for all junior games.

(17.7) Registration Fees (Registrations):

(17.7.1) Licence fees set by Basketball England and payable as part of their membership procedures:

  • Senior Club: £60.00
  • Senior & Junior Club: £60.00
  • Junior Club: £45.00
  • Senior Player: £15.00
  • Junior Player: £8.50
  • Local League Coach: £25.00
  • Bench Personnel: £25.00
  • Local League Referee: £21.75
  • Local League Table Official: £21.75
  • Club Administrator: £15.00

(17.7.2) Fees set by BasketballSUSSEX (per person):

  • Senior NBL coach or player member fee for BasketballSUSSEX competitions: £5 per person
  • Junior NBL coach or player member fee for BasketballSUSSEX competitions: £3 per person
  • Coach or Player Transfer Fee: £10.00

(17.8) Fines:

  • Failure to attend AGM, EGM, Club Meeting, or other specified Meeting: £15.00 per club
  • Late Entry Fee: £20 per team
  • Failure to provide Club, Team, or Officials contact details: £5 per contact / Max per club: £25.00
  • Failure to enter game result online within 7 days (1 week): £5.00
  • Failure to submit copy of scoresheet within 7 days (1 week): £5.00
  • Failure to supply licenced Referee or Table Official: £5.00 per Official
  • Failure to provide minimum standards of Table equipment: £5.00 per game
  • Incorrectly completed scoresheet: £1.00
  • Referee, Table Official, Coach, or Player licence number not written on scoresheet: £1.00 each / Max per game: £10.00
  • Fielding an ineligible Coach or Player: £5.00 each / Max per team: £25.00 & game forfeit
  • Coach or Player Disqualification: determined by DSC as part of Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
  • Technical or Unsportsmanlike Foul: £5.00 or as determined by DSC as part of our Disciplinary Policy
  • Game Forfeit - on or before 31 January: £0
  • Game Forfeit - after 31 January: £10 per game
  • Team Expulsion: £30.00

Important note. As determined by the League Administrator or Disciplinary Sub-committee (DSC), fines may operate on an accumulator basis; for example, £1 on first occasion, then £2, then £4, then £8 and so on.

(17.9) Appeal Fee:

  • £50.00 plus cost of fine if applicable.

18. Additional Rules for Junior Competitions

(18.1) The Head Coach must hold at least the Basketball England Level 2 Coach Award (have a "C" licence number written on the scoresheet). All other non-playing participants on the team bench must be registered and licensed as "Bench Personnel".

(18.2) Playing Rules for all games U11 and above are governed by applicable FIBA Rules and Interpretations, including agreed Basketball England points of emphasis (for example, U14 No Zone Defense), unless amended (see below).

(18.3) U11 games will be 4 quarters of 8 minutes (a game of 32 minutes).

(18.4) U11, U12, U13, U14 games - the Full Press should cease if a team is winning by 20 points or more (recommended).

(18.5) Junior play-offs will be top 4 teams only and played 1v4 & 2v3.

(APPENDIX A) COVID-19 Rule Variations - Pandemic Policy

This section has been added to the BasketballSUSSEX 2021/22 league & competitions rules & regulations to clarify any rule(s) that may be amended for any reason caused by the COVID-19 situation, and our responsibility to adhere to all Basketball England "return to play" (RTP) guidance.

  • Rule 6 - transfer restrictions will be relaxed should a club fold or be unable to continue due to COVID-19 reasons; for example, complete loss of venue once season has started.
  • Rule 8 - any game postponed for a COVID-19 reason will not be forfeited by either team and any game that cannot be replayed by the end of the league season will adhere to our end of season close-down procedure; for example, both teams receive 2 league points for the game.
  • Rule 17.1 & 17.2 - there will be no 2021/22 entry fee for teams returning from last season. For example, if a club entered 1 senior team and 3 junior teams, those 4 teams pay a league entry fee of £0 irrespective of the age group. Should a club not re-enter a team, they can request a 25% refund on their 2019/20 team entry fee by emailing the BasketballSUSSEX Treasurer. New clubs, or clubs entering additional teams, will still be charged league entry and Surety Fees.
  • Rule 10.3 - clubs playing games back-to-back must ensure sufficient court time is booked at their venue to allow for all Basketball England "return to play" procedures to be followed.

Page last updated: 01/08/2022