Our Handbook contains all the information Clubs and their Teams need to know to enter and compete in our competitions. This glossary helps by summarising important rules, policies and procedures that all members and officials need to be aware as part of their membership of BasketballSUSSEX.

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About... BasketballSUSSEX is a members association responsible for the running of amateur basketball leagues and competitions in the counties of East Sussex, West Sussex, and the City of Brighton & Hove. We are affiliated to Basketball England and governed by our Constitution, with the day to day responsibilities of the organisation undertaken by our Management Committee.

Appeals... clubs, members, and officials may appeal a disciplinary or administrative fine and/or decision by following our appeals process. Appeals will not be heard unless payment of the fine and appeal fee is made within the specified time frame.

Basketball England (BE)... is the national governing body (NGB) for basketball in England. As an affiliated league, BasketballSUSSEX is required to abide by their rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidance information. Membership of BE is mandatory for all clubs, coaches, players, bench personnel, Referees, and Table Officials (see licence & registration).

BSX... is the three letter acronym for BasketballSUSSEX.

Coaches... every game must have a coaches name and licence number inscribed on the scoresheet. For junior games, the Coach must be Level 2 qualified ("C" licence number). For senior games, the Coach must be an adult member ("A" or "C" licence number).

Code of Ethics & Conduct... every club and member is bound by the Basketball England Code of Ethics & Conduct. Failure to uphold the integrity of our sport maybe be dealt with as a disciplinary offence with clubs or members fined or otherwise sanctioned.

Contacts... being able to communicate with member Clubs, Coaches, Team Managers, and Officials is an important administrative process for everyone. As part of membership, Clubs are required to provide BasketballSUSSEX with key contacts by our league start date. Failure to provide this information will result in the Club receiving an administrative fine.

Costs... when entering BasketballSUSSEX competitions a club should budget for three primary costs: 1) league entry fees, per team (payable to BSX upon receipt of our invoice). 2) Basketball England club, coach, player, and officials licence and registration (payable to BE at the time of registration). 3) Game costs - court time (minimum 2 hours) and officials (Referees & Table Officials). Further costs may be incurred by clubs if they receive disciplinary or administrative fines.

Courts... all games must be played on basketball courts that comply with FIBA 2012 court markings, with a court size of approx 28x15m or 26x14m, plus sufficient side and end-line distance to ensure the safety of all participants (approx 1m). Team bench areas are to be sited at least 5 metres away from the Centre Line.

Cup... Men & Women's teams entering BasketballSUSSEX league competitions are automatically included in our knock-out Cup competition, with additional teams able to enter just the Cup competition. 

Disciplinary Policy... Coaches, Players, and Officials may be liable to disciplinary procedures for breaches of game rules; including the receipt of Technical (TF), Unsportsmanlike (UF), Disqualifying Fouls (DQ), or breaches of the Basketball England Code of Ethics & Conduct.

Divisions... league competitions will be split into divisions by the Management Committee. Typical divisions for BasketballSUSSEX competitions are Men, Women, Under 18, U16, U14, U13, U12, U11. Divisions may be split into further divisions; for example, based on ability of geography, if too many teams are entered into a competition.

Duty of Care... everyone involved in basketball has a legal and moral duty to everything they reasonably can to ensure the safeguarding & welfare of all participants; therefore, all Clubs must provide BasketballSUSSEX with a signed copy of the Basketball England Duty of Care form (as adopted by BasketballSUSSEX)... download here (.docx). Failure to provide this form by league start date will result in the Club receiving an administrative fine.

Entering a Team... clubs may enter a team (or teams) into BasketballSUSSEX leagues and competitions by following our League Entry process. League entry typically runs July to September, as specified in our Handbook. Teams accepted after the specified deadline may incur a Late Entry Fine.

Equality Policy... all members are expected to be committed to equality in terms of opportunity and open access. This includes commitment to protecting and tackling discrimination and ensuring that no member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of the protected characteristics as detailed in our Equality Policy. Failure to abide by the policy may deem a member liable for disciplinary action.

Fines... are only applied when a Club, Coach, Player, or Official fails to honour their commitment to BasketballSUSSEX by breaching our rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Fines not appealed must be paid by the stipulated due date to ensure no further sanctions are applied. Administrative fines will be invoiced to clubs 3 times per season (around league start date, mid-season, end of season).

Fixtures... league and competition games will be scheduled by BasketballSUSSEX based on team information provided by clubs as part of their League Entry. Senior Men, Women, and Junior age group games will split into Divisions as decided by the BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee. Fixtures will typically be scheduled on a Home & Away basis with all Divisions and games published on our League Republic website. Clubs failing to keep their fixtures up to date on League Republic, including game scores, will receive an administrative fine.

Forfeit... teams not playing scheduled fixtures, or refusing to complete a game once started (tipped), without good reason, will forfeit the game and be liable for the specified fine (after 31 January). Teams forfeiting a game will receive 0 (zero) league points.

Games... league, Cup, and competition games must be played according to the published schedule on League Republic. Clubs must allow sufficient time for a game to take place; for court setup, a game of 40 playing minutes (4 quarters of 10 minutes) plus half-time (at least 5 minutes) plus a period of overtime if required (5 minutes), and court close-down. Away teams should also be allowed time to shower and change before the venue closes.

Handbook... all competition rules & regulations, policies, procedures, and relevant FIBA and Basketball England documents can be found in our Handbook.

Insurance... affiliated Clubs, Coaches, Players, Bench Personnel, Referees & Table Officials are insured by virtue of their licence and registration with Basketball England. Further information is available online...

Juniors... players under the age of 18 are considered juniors. For junior competitions, date of birth age ranges exist to stipulate which age group teams a junior player may play in. Juniors can play "up" to higher age groups, but may not play down as it invalidates their insurance. A child having attained 15 years of age may play up in a Senior team. All BasketballSUSSEX junior competitions are "mixed", meaning boys and girls may play.

Kit... teams need a home and away uniform with contrasting colours so that there is no colour clash with the opposition. Shirts should also not be "grey" as this can clash with a referees uniform. Shirt numbers should be 20cm tall on the back, and 10cm tall on the front and a contrasting colour with the primary shirt colour so they are clear and visible. Shirt numbers can be 0, 00, 1 to 99. Only girls and women can wear T-shirts under their shirt but they must be the same dominate colour.

League Republic (LR)... is the online system used for the BasketballSUSSEX public website, and management of our leagues and competitions. All clubs will receive a logon to the system to enable them to manage fixtures and enter game results, including use of their mobile apps. Clubs failing to keep their fixtures up to date, including game scores, will receive an administrative fine. Results must be entered online within 7 days (1 week) of the game.

League start date... the date (week commencing) our league competitions begin each season. Typically October, and as specified as part of our League Entry process and in our Handbook.

League end date... the date when all league games must be played. Typically midnight on the last Sunday in April, and as specified as part of our League Entry process and in our Handbook. Games not played by the deadline will be forfeited by both teams unless one team has a legitimate reason to claim the game.

Licence & Registration... Basketball England provide the system by which everyone registers and receives their licence number and insurance cover. More information is available on our Registrations website page. Anyone competing or officiating without a licence may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Masters... Men over the age of 40, and Women over the age of 35, can play for a "masters" team. This includes Coaches.

Membership... of BasketballSUSSEX runs from September, when your clubs league entry is accepted, to 31 August the following year. All members of your club are deemed responsible for abiding by our rules, regulations, policies and procedures, during the membership period.

Players... each team needs a between 5 and 12 players to play a game. A game cannot begin unless 5 players are available to tip (start) the game. All players must be registered with their "A" licence number inscribed on the scoresheet. Any team fielding unregistered players will forfeit the game and be liable for the specified fine.

Referees... where BasketballSUSSEX cannot appointed Referees, the home team is responsible for appointing two registered and licensed Referees who are ideally not associated with either team. Every game must have an adult (18 or over) Level 2 (or above) Crew Chief. All officials shall be paid their match fee and travel expenses before the game tips (starts).

Report It... anyone can use our Make a Report online form to notify us of any important issue, game incident, or disciplinary matter, they needs to be notified to BasketballSUSSEX.

Rules... and regulations covering our competitions and membership responsibilities are contained in our Handbook.

Safeguarding... child and vulnerable adult safeguarding responsibilities are the responsibility of everyone involved in sport. All clubs are therefore required to provide BasketballSUSSEX with details of their Club Welfare Officer (CWO) and a signed copy of our Duty of Care form. Failure to provide this information by the league start date will result in the Club receiving an administrative fine.

Scoresheets... all games must be recorded on the official Basketball England scoresheet, with a copy of the white (top) copy scanned and emailed to within 7 days (1 week) of the game. Poor quality, incomplete, or scoresheets not received on time will deem the club liable for the specified fine.

Season... our annual schedule of competitions runs from the league start date to our league end date, with Play-offs & Finals completing our season for that year; for example 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23 etc.

Seniors... adults, those over 18, are senior players and may compete in Men & Women's competitions. A child having attained 15 years of age may play up in a Senior team. Women may play in our Mens competitions, but Men may not play in our Womens competitions.

Sign Under Protest (SUP)... a team may file a protest if believes its interests have been adversely affected by certain events before, during, or after a game. A team has 15 minutes following the end of the game for their Captain to sign the scoresheet . Under no circumstances can any complaint be submitted which seeks to question the validity of the result of the game on the grounds of the quality of Match Officials.

Surety Fees (Goodwill Deposits)... are required to be paid by all clubs as part of their membership to BasketballSUSSEX. Such funds are held on deposit by BasketballSUSSEX and used to settle club debts when required. Clubs not entering BasketballSUSSEX league and competitions the following season may request a refund of their Surety Fee; requests must be made by 1 September.

Social Media... please follow us on our social media accounts for further information and news, including shared information from Basketball England and the BE South East Region: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

South East Region... all affiliated clubs located in the "counties" of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, are (by definition) members of the Basketball England South East Region (BESER).

Table... for all games, the Home Team must provide a table, chairs, and the specified Table Equipment (scorebook, visible game clock, foul markers etc) to enable the game to be played. Home teams failing to provide the correct Table Equipment may incur the specified fine.

Table Officials... the home team is responsible for appointing two Table Officials for every game; 1 scorer and 1 timekeeper. Table Officials cannot be coaches or players involved in the game. All must be registered with their "T", or for unqualified officials, "A" licence number inscribed on the scoresheet. Failure to provide registered Table Officials will incur the specified fine.

Team names... should be based on local geography locations (for example, where you play your home games) and a nickname. Club and Team names may not include the term "Sussex" unless it is a recognised local district of a county. All team names are subject to final approval by the BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee.

Venues... all home courts are subject to final approval of the BasketballSUSSEX Management Committee, with fixtures only scheduled for courts on our approved venues list.

WhatsApp group... Club Administrators can ask to join our WhatsApp group for quick and simple sharing of information and as a two-way communication tool for clubs to talk to members of our Management Committee.

Winner & Runner-up... BasketballSUSSEX will recognised league Winners, and Cup/Play-off Final Winners and Runner-up teams with medals and awards. Competition trophies presented to winning teams remain the property of BasketballSUSSEX.

Page last updated: 01/09/2020