Registrations 2019/20

Everyone who plays, coaches, officiates, or helps manage a team at a game (bench personnel) in any BasketballSUSSEX league or competition must be a member of Basketball England and hold a valid registration and licence for the current season. Registration runs from 1 September to 31 August the following year. At the current time, Basketball England insurance certificates run April to March. For information regarding your Basketball England insurance, please visit...

From 30 July 2019, Basketball England have introduced a new Membership Portal...

Basketball England | Membership Portal is for individuals to register with Basketball England and for Club Administrators to manage their members/teams within the Membership Portal - this includes clubs paying member registration fees (to Basketball England).

Payment for membership, registration/licence is direct to Basketball England and no longer to BasketballSUSSEX.

BasketballSUSSEX is not able to support clubs using the new Membership Portal, anyone requiring help using the new system must contact Basketball England...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I have a BasketballSUSSEX local league registration question, who can I contact?
A If you have any questions regarding BasketballSUSSEX processes, please contact our Registrations Officer, or email

Q  How do I register a National League player or coach to play in BasketballSUSSEX competitions?
A  We are awaiting details of how to do this and will advise clubs in due course. Please note there will be a BasketballSUSSEX "NBL member" administration fee charged to clubs (£3 junior / £5 senior), clubs will be invoiced later in the year with payment due to BasketballSUSSEX. This charge has been introduced because of the way Basketball England are now reconciling our 40% membership fee income.

Q  Do I need to assign players to a team when the club has multiple teams and what is the process?
A  Clubs with multiple teams in the league need to assign players to a team within the Basketball England Membership Portal. You can only do this once BasketballSUSSEX have provided Basketball England with the 2019/20 team entry information, we anticipate this will be ready for the beginning of September. Any new players joining the club during the season would need to be assigned to a team and notification must be sent to the Registrar. Once a player is assigned to a team then they must play for that team in that club or follow Rule 6 of the BSX Rules & Regulations to transfer into another team.  A fee may be applicable for transfers.

Q  How can I find my insurance certificate?
A We will update this once we have more information from Basketball England.

Q Do Referees and Table Officials have to be registered to officiate a game?
A Yes, all match officials must be registered with Basketball England before officiating any game. To register as a local league official you individually register with Basketball England and allocate yourself to the BasketballSUSSEX "club", using club code CAnnnn. More information on this will be issued once available.

Q Do Coaches or Officials need to have a safeguarding qualification, First Aid, or DBS? 
A Please refer to this Basketball England advisory note (dated 15 July 2019)...

Q Where can I find my club CA code?
A This is available from Basketball England as a PDF download |

Page last updated: 18/08/19

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